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Let guests post! - Anonymous - 07-29-2005

I ain't logged in. I'm just testing if guests can post. Smile

reply? - Anonymous - 07-29-2005

can I post reply without a user name?

- /blames Mikey - 02-10-2007

Guests posting wasn't a good idea at all.

Hell, guests registering didn't seem to work out too well either. :roll:

RE: Let guests post! - /blames Mikey - 07-28-2017

Yeah. If you want to allow guests to post, simply allow them to in one forum category. Set up a "contact us" forum category and let guests post to it. You'll get a mess of spam. But you'll get legitimate guest questions as well. Maybe we set it with instructions that they must click a certain icon to include with their post. Then just delete every post that didn't follow that instruction.